Quick band update

O.k. just a quick update for fans out there that may  be interested in what’s up with The Blue News. Back in March of 2016 the dynamic duo began recording a new full-length album. The project is being self-funded by the band and will be likely be put out as an independent label release by the end of the year. The album is being produced by drummer DB Rich at Red Fern Recordings in Nashville, TN. with additional production work by JB taking place in Indiana.

The band has a really solid foundation for their new album after recording 13 songs that they played together live during a couple different studio sessions … anyway, thanks to DB’s producing and engineering skills, the songs are all sounding great already! By far, this music will be the best they’ve ever released and the band CANNOT WAIT to share the new songs! If all goes according to plan, fans can expect the new album to be available this Fall! ; )

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Jay Hersh – Assistant Band Manager

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