Greatest Hits

This 1-hour remastered album features the most popular songs taken from 4 different studio albums by US rock band The Blue News. Songs include “Running Back To You” (as heard on the Netflix original series Bloodline) and new single, “Run & Hide”.  

"I love The Blue News…Sultry, sexy, dirty and organic." - Acclaimed producer Sylvia Massy.

The Band

Brent Orndorff

Singer-Songwriter, Guitars, Keys

Dustin Richardson

Drummer, Engineering, Production

3/18/17 – Studio session at The White Room

No events at this time.

Currently recording for the upcoming album. Thank you for checking in!

JB and DB in the studio

Tour Dates

No upcoming shows.


Quick band update

O.k. just a quick update for fans out there that may  be interested in what’s up with The Blue News. Back in March of 2016 the dynamic duo began recording a new full-length album. The project is being self-funded by the band and will be likely be put out as an independent label release by the end of the year. The album is […]

Esquire TV

The song “Hypnotized” was recently placed in the Esquire TV series “Best Bars in America”. The song comes off the album “Wartime Songs” released in 2011. Check out the album here.

We’re In The Movies!

The song “Come Back Home” off the album “The Signs EP” was featured in the  recent film “Force of Execution”  starring Steven Seagal, Ving Rhames, Bren Foster  and Danny Trejo. The movie was  released in December of 2013 and can be  watched on Netflix, the Stars movie  network and the blu-ray can be ordered on Amazon. Read […]